Waiting for the bus…

Well the time has come once more to fly off over the horizon to go have some fun. I’ve been back in ol’ Hobart for the last month doing some work before heading to the Euro summer. The last few moths have been pretty hectic, living in the Grampians whilst squeezing in a trip to China seeking out and equipping virgin limestone. Right now however i sit on a friends couch munching delicious scones, ready to jump aboard a plane. I’ll meet up with my gal, Liz, in Marseille in a few days before heading to Ceuse for a bit. After a month or so there we’ll head across to sunny Spain!
As someone whose head firmly resides in the clouds, I’ve always found the concept of waiting at a bus stop intriguing. More importantly the endless possibilities awaiting you. In those moments before the bus pulls over the horizon into view, the whole world is your oyster whilst you imagine the path ahead. You can imagine the future ahead any way you want. Play out the scene’s we’re everyones super happy, on the same wave-length and enjoying life as much as you are. This mindset is a really important aspect of being a happy person.
When people travel often their mind is open for business. Ready to meet new people, ideas and experiences and wrestle with them. Usually these are straight up type one* fun, sometimes the type two** fun creeps in but all the experiences ultimately end up combine into a life-affirming hoot! It seems strange to me though that often as people integrate back into what they know as ‘daily life’ they lose this open-minded engagement with their surroundings. I guess humans are creatures of habit but i still find it interesting that so many people allow their preconceived ideas to somehow impact on their happiness. Then again it amazes me how many people are unaware that all happiness comes from the choice to be so!
I used to live in a house in Hobart many people will remember very fondly, 11 Fitzroy Place. While i was never on the lease(like most residents) i still feel a resident of the place that was Fitzroy. We were the worst house on a good street. Fancy neighbours looked down at our dirtbag antics such as slack lining, hanging out and generally just having a good time. The best bit of my time there was having the many travellers that the open-minded travellers mindset penetrated everyones psyche. Being able to view the world that usually is just the mundane ‘daily life’ was a bit of a personal revelation for me. Realising the simple truth that viewing all the possibilities that await and reasons why somethings going to be so fun will make it exactly that. On the flip side negative nelly’s get exactly what they think and expect.
So let your mind wait at the proverbial bus-stop. Get lost in what could be just around the bend, and where the bus could take you in all aspects of your life. Open that mind and let the possibilities and people in. That’s what this monkeys gonna do, bus my way through Europe having a blast with the raddest person i can imagine doing it with!
Life aint too bad…

Will Bartlett on Bourinator. Picture Glyn Hudson

Will Bartlett on Bourinator. Picture Glyn Hudson

* Type one fun:
Actual fun, enjoyable whilst it’s taking place.

** Type Two fun:
Fun in retrospect, horrible at the time. Generally not appreciated till beer is in hand after the fact.


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