On the Road

“We all have dreams, but they don’t mean much if we don’t act on them. If we put them in a drawer we label ‘someday’, for when we think we’ll have more time.”

Life seems so sweet when it’s possible to sit back and enjoy profound changes that have been too long in the making. I’ve quit my job, kitted out my van into a plush abode and set off with my amazing girlfriend Liz. Vince the van is home for our heads this evening, with the immediate plan being no plan, just climbing.

I could write endlessly about the complications of quitting jobs, changing your scenarios and all that rubbish. It seems every other day there’s a feel good picture up on your facebook feed, inspiring you to live your dream. Imagine if  instead of wishfully looking out the window dreamily for a few moments before returning to the spreadsheets we could capture those few seconds of ultimate freedom felt before our cynical minds dismiss the possibilities those clichéd little pictures arouse. Turn those seconds into a lifetime.

I’m psyched, keen as mustard and chomping at the bit. I have the rest of the year to just go climbing rocks and try to get stronger fitter and have more fun than I ever have before. I received a copy of the new Grampians guidebook a few weeks ago, boy did that put a smile on my dial. It stoked the fire of a naïve bumbly once more, a feeling that anything’s possible, its all out there and all I need to do is try. It might be a little bit more complex than that, but I’m just psyched to go try!

We’ve been heading up to Taipan lately with the rest of the psyched hordes. I’ve never seen it so busy, and rarely is the vibe so friendly and inclusive. It seems to me more and more people are venturing off the beaten path. Open Projects have been going down and some might fall any day now.

So Liz and I will be out that way for a little while, climbing, slacklining and generally having a good time. There’s always a place by the fire and an extra plate of food so come say hi!

Marin crushing the beautiful stone of the Sentinel

Marin crushing the beautiful stone of the Sentinel


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