The summer feels like its slowly fading away. Many of the fun idea’s concocted through the distant winter months were not given the chance of life they deserved. Things change, situations arise forcing decisions to be made that aren’t always what you envisaged.

Sometimes that’s the most beautiful thing. Sometime just before that magical date of christmas that makes life so busy and intense, I added to that somewhat by quitting my job. I’ve been working full-time for a while now, and enjoyed it immensely. Learning heaps along the way it has most definitely been a time i can already look back on with a sense of gratitude. An understanding of the stepping stone along the road of life that it was. The next step is the one i really look forward to. The one where i climb rocks, lots of rocks. All. The. Time….

It does mean I’m stuck in limbo right now tho. It’s only a few months to go before Liz and I cast of together in the lovely VW transporter known as Vince. That means work. Lots of work to earn the cash needed for fun times on the road. The rough plan is to head to Natimuk sometime around Easter, from there we’ll follow our noses about the country climbing on the many different pebbles about the place. Hope to see you there!

Sometime in the new year I was chatting to a mate, who told me about an awesome thing happening. A ‘trip of a lifetime’ if you will. A chance to get flown to Nepal, paid to hang out on the Khumbu icefall with some sherpa’s. I invested some time and effort to make it onto the shortlist for this trip, only to be left in the lurch waiting for an answer. I was supposed to hear last tuesday, yet still no word. Waiting, waiting everything has time to roll around my little skull. Was it all a cruel joke? Is it happening at all? I guess time will tell, for now i get to enjoy limbo…

And what is a lad in limbo to do i ask! Well given the impending winter months, I’d say sport climbing sounds like a good option! Yesterday saw an awesome day up at the Boneyard ledge of Fingal. Plenty of psyche with lots of routes going down, and some very near misses! I’m waiting for this pesky flu that has been hanging around to bugger off, so I can get on with the task at hand! Having had Ross River Virus slow me down also I just can’t wait to feel healthy again so I can make the most of my time left in Tassie!


Josh Grose coming agonisingly close to a quick repeat of White Powder(31). Belayed by CJ, also getting close!


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