The CCT, Get amongst it!

I’d be lying if I said I loved, clubs, formalities and red tape. Its a cruel twist of irony in this world however that the people in charge of making the decisions that affect us are greedy for it. With this in mind, a few of us resurrected the Climbers Club of Tasmania to give all climbers a voice for all things bureaucratic.

Recently we had our Climbers Club of Tasmania Inc AGM. While nothing ground-breaking happened, we maintained existence. That really is a great thing. It may seem that from time to time the CCT can be relatively quiet, but I can assure you there are often murmurings happening in the background that are building good friendships and foundations within the community. We are engaging with stakeholders, and we are giving climbers a voice.

I stumbled across this the other day, climbers in strife for unsavory development in Joshua Tree.

What I can mostly gather is that because a relationship existed with the Joshua Tree Parks and climbers in various formats, the climbers were able to preserve the ability to climb at all in J-Tree. This is exactly the kind of relationships the CCT is trying to form, and is doing quite well in that. So rather than having climbing tossed to the side in the ‘too-hard basket’, its great that we can liaise with Councils, Parks and other stakeholders to preserve our privilege to do the things we do.

A club is only as good as its members. While I probably won’t ask you directly for help, I will ask that climbers sign up, and help add to the numbers that give us clout in all these matters. Ask your friends too, it’s free and there’s zero commitment unless you decide you’d like to volunteer to contribute more. I realise that the CCT has been reasonably quiet up the northern end of the state. I’d love every climber to feel welcome sign up, regardless of whether your from north south east or west, whether your out there every day or once in a blue moon. Get involved with the community, stay abreast of what’s going on. I also realise there are plenty of ‘mainlanders’ that frequent our shores, again we welcome you to add your voice to the quorum!

In the last 12 months some good things have been coming out of the relationships the CCT is forging. There is extensive track work plans to be carried out across the organ pipes, hardening many before too much damage is done. The CCT has also been involved in the Hobart City Councils purchase of the land beneath Fruehoff. There is talk of creating a proper track to the base of the cliff. But what is even greater is that HCC members came out to meet with climbers, and are all for us using the space as we always have. Again proving that if we can engage, bureaucracy doesn’t always end badly for climbers.

We have also formed an ‘Anchor Replacement Committee’ consisting of myself, Stu Scott, Alex Lewis and Dean Rollins. We plan on taking on some responsibility for the replacement of un-safe fixed anchors. We can organise to raise funds for various projects, and can be contacted here with any ideas, if you’d like us to hold ‘bolting’ workshops, or know of an area that could benefit from having anchors (bolts) replaced you can send an email to cctanchors(at) and we’ll all get it.

Daylight savings just around the bend, with summer on its heels. Things will be happening this summer, so get involved. In December there will be some search and rescue workshops going on. I’m keen to hold some informal ‘self rescue/learn to multi-pitch climb’ sessions as well if there’s interested people.

So click on this link and sign up to the CCT, that’ll just be the starting point!

Simon Young

CCT President


Artist’s impression of recent CCT AGM….


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